• Truffle & Caramel Bar Gift Collection
  • Irish Whiskey Caramel Bar
  • Tawny Port Caramel Bar
  • Honey Liqueur Caramel Bar
  • Pomegranate Truffle Bar
  • Salted Chocolate Truffle Bar
  • Cardamom Orange Truffle Bar

Truffle & Caramel Bar Gift Collection



This collection features one of each of our Truffle Bars and Caramel Bars. The Truffle Bars include Cardamom Orange, Salted Chocolate, and Pomegranate. The Caramel Bars include Irish Whiskey, Tawny Port, and Honey Liqueur. The bars are each coated in dark chocolate and come in our signature box tied with a blue ribbon.

6 bars, 10 ounces

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