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"You won't find one of Willy Wonka's golden tickets inside any of these artisanal chocolates. What you will discover is something equally rewarding: the most original, creative, and delicious sweets on the planet. All made right here in America.

Diana Malouf works out of her father's commercial kitchen to fashion her take on peanut butter cups using less traditional contents, like cashews and apricots or sunflower honey."       


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Los Angeles–based chocolatier Ococoa is the up-and-comer you want to know. Spearheaded by founder and chocolatier Diana Malouf, the brand’s signature butter-cup collection dazzles with flavor combinations like sesame fig, macadamia guava, marzipan truffle, and the classic peanut butter.

Grab a bottle of wine, and pair the butter cups with a box of the charming Valentine’s Sweet Hearts—complete with heart dimples—which features three delectable fillings: raspberry shrub with white chocolate ganache, cinnamon ganache with almond praline, and a rich guanaja noir ganache that is 70 percent dark chocolate.

Malouf’s handcrafted creations are creamy, not overly sweet, and draped in a shell of perfectly tempered chocolate.


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Ococoa founder and chocolatier Diana Malouf's signature collection is her Butter Cup line of truffles — dark chocolate cups filled with natural nut butters and layers of fruit and truffle. Flavors include macadamia guava, sesame fig, pistachio date and almond cherry, all inspired by Malouf's Lebanese heritage. The truffle and caramel bars also exhibit Mediterranean flavors, such as pomegranate, cardamom and honey liqueur.

For Valentine's Day, Malouf has crafted Sweet Hearts in three flavors: almond praline layered with cinnamon ganache; raspberry shrub layered with white chocolate ganache; and guanaja noir ganache. All three have a 61% dark chocolate shell and use Valrhona chocolate for the ganaches.


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“So many of today’s Halloween treats roll off the factory line, but Los Angeles’s traditional confectioners know that their handheld candy thermometers make all the difference. Taste the nostalgia with these time-honored, locally crafted sweets.

1. Chocolatier Diana Malouf's Middle Eastern heritage helped inspire her dark chocolate nut butter cups. The creamy pistachio butter-date and sesame butter-fig fillings draw on the region's signature candy flavors - and put Reese's to shame."


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In 2009, [sic] Diana Malouf quit her full-time job to pursue the world of chocolate, and anyone who has tried an Ococoa treat thanks her for it. Diana focuses on Middle Eastern flavors and imports top quality ingredients like jam, molasses, and dates straight from Lebanon. As Diana is not a fan of sweetness herself, she likes the fillings to balance out the sweetness of chocolate in a more flavorful and exciting way. Her specialty is found in butter nut chocolate cups, which are each made with striking visual aesthetic, whether it’s vibrant green pistachio or beautiful decorative print. The best flavors include a classic and extra creamy Peanut Butter Cup; a delightful Sunflower Cup with dark chocolate, sunflower butter, and sunflower honey; and her personal favorite, a fruity Sesame Fig.


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Ococoa Chocolate Heaven! Move over Godiva, there's a new chocolate in town. Ococoa's tasty and pretty dark chocolate cups ("peanut butter cups all grown up") are filled with a variety of natural nut butters that include the familiar (hazelnut and almond butter) as well as the more exotic (tahini and pistachio butter). Founder Diana Malouf's roots are Lebanese (her great uncle was noted furniture designer Sam Malouf) and the family heritage is reflected in flavors that include Classic Peanut Butter, Pistachio Date, Sesame Fig, Hazelnut Chocolate, Almond Cherry, Cashew Apricot, Marzipan Truffle, Macadamia Guava, and Sunflower Honey. 


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“Malouf makes a handful of ganache and caramel-filled chocolate bars, but we're partial to her specialty, nut butter cups. The petite cups come across much as Maloof herself does at Unique L.A.and other events around town: elegant in their simplicity, adorned with flourishes like a single hazelnut or a sprinkling of fleur de sel; a few go the French bonbon route with pretty floral and honeybee transfer sheet designs. But you came, we all came, for the fillings.

The best are those that were inspired by Malouf's Middle Eastern heritage, like the tangy cashew apricot and buttery macadamia-guava. Our favorites: pistachio butter- date and sesame butter-fig filled chocolate cups.”


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Meet Diana Malouf of Ococoa

Link to online interview here. 


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Ococoa Peanut Butter Cups

Artfully crafted, the richly layered Ococoa gourmet nut butter cups cause an intense huger for more. Made with dark chocolate, organic peanut butter, and alaea sea salt, they’re nothing short of delicious.


“Ococoa's butter cups were inspired by the owner's Middle-Eastern background. Her rich heritage translates effortlessly into the unique variety of flavors available (think Pistachio Date, Sunflower Honey and Cashew Apricot, among others). Elegantly wrapped gift boxes are the perfect home for these sweet treats"


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