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O•co•coa \ō-kō-kō\ noun.

Our Story

When Diana Malouf was a little girl, her uncle brought her a shoebox full of candies from Lebanon. Her young mind boggled at the seemingly endless array of flavors, textures, and colors, which stretched the limits of her imagination and introduced her to the very wide world of confections.

As she grew up, Diana nurtured a passion for using her hands to create indulgent sweets, spending countless hours watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks, and experimenting with recipes. "My pantry and products have always reflected my heritage as both a Lebanese-American and a proud Angelino."

In 2009, Diana officially launched Ococoa as a way to share her passion and creations with others. The company began with her signature Butter Cup Collection, which features nine unique flavors and has been named one of “America’s Best Chocolate” by Bon Appétit Magazine. Since then, Diana continues to refine her skills and dream up new flavors for her confections.



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