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Butter Cup Collections
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Almond Cherry Nut ButtercupIndividual Pieces - $3


2 Piece Favor Box2 Piece Favor Box - $6


4 Piece Favor Box

4 Piece Favors - $12 


9 Piece Nut Buttercup Collectioln

9 Piece Butter Cup Collections - $25

16 Piece Nut Buttercup Collection

16 Piece Butter Cup Collections - $44

Truffle & Caramel Bars
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Irish Whiskey Caramel Bar

Individual Bars - $5

3 Piece Truffle Bar Collection

Set of 3 Truffle Bars - $14

3 Piece Caramel Bar Collection

Set of 3 Caramel Bars - $14

Seasonal Offerings


Dark and white chocolate cups featuring layers of salted butter caramel, hand-made vanilla marshmallow, and dark chocolate ganache. Available in the Spring. 
    Individual Pieces - $3
    4 Piece Box - $12
    9 Piece Box - $25

Valentine's Day Chocolate Raspberry Heart Collection

Valentine Raspberry Hearts
Dark chocolate hearts filled with Raspberry Caramel, Raspberry Ganache, and White Chocolate with Raspberry Shrub. Available January to March.
    12 Piece Box - $25


Spiced Caramelized Almonds

Spiced Caramelized Almonds
Almonds coated first in caramel and then with multiple layers of dark chocolate, and dusted with Ceylon cinnamon, cayenne pepper, Maldon sea salt, and cocoa powder.
5 oz Bag - $12

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