What is a Butter Cup?

Posted on 10 January 2017

Over the next couple of months, we want to give you an in-depth look at just some of the confections that we pour so much time, energy, and passion into on a daily basis. We are starting with the Butter Cup Collection, which is precisely where Ococoa began in 2009.

Signature Assortment of Butter Cups

But what is a Butter Cup?

We get that question a lot. And the answer is pretty simple: it is a chocolate cup that is filled with a nut or seed butter. The confection's concept is probably quite familiar -- after all, it seems that everyone knows what a peanut butter cup is. But chances are that you still won't find many chocolates that feature other types of nut butters. Until now.

There is a big, delicious world of nuts that yield rich, satisfyingly unique flavors, which are perfect when paired with dark chocolate. Almonds. Cashews. Pistachios. Hazelnuts. There are also some seeds that can be transformed into delectable pastes, like sesame and sunflower. Some of these butters become perfect fillings with just a hint of salt or a touch of honey, while others are enhanced by a layer of fruit or more chocolate.

Filling chocolate cups with creamy nut butter

When Diana began experimenting with crafting her own chocolates, she naturally drew from what she already knew and what she liked. Her Middle Eastern background exposed her to candy that was less sweet and more savory, with complex flavors, unique ingredients, and interesting textures. After years of tinkering, she ended up with a set of nine butter cups. Dark chocolate shells, a creamy nut or seed blend, and often (but not always), a layer of fruit or ganache to hit the "sweet spot." They're all part of the big, nutty family of Butter Cups.

We will be digging into the individual cups over the next few weeks, to share with you why each Butter Cup deserves its spot in our collection (and your mouth!). Enjoy.


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