Peat Smoke Madness

Posted on 02 June 2016

This June, I’m excited to introduce Ococoa’s newest chocolate: a Peat Smoked Truffle. Here I’ll share my inspiration for the confection and the process of making it a reality.

I have been a whisky enthusiast since I was old enough to drink. My tastes have expanded throughout the years as I’ve attended tastings, tried and compared brands, and frequently  relaxed with my favorite-of-the-moment after a long day.

Initially I stayed away from the peaty Islay scotches. A few years ago I began exploring them again and discovered how amazing they are and how much I enjoy them. I was inspired to create a truffle that captured their characteristic smokiness and complexity.

I didn’t want to just add scotch to my ganache, I wanted to really infuse it with that smoky, earthy flavor I love so much. After much experimenting I decided to infuse cream by smoking peat imported from Ireland. I then created a ganache that balanced the headiness of the peat smoke with the sweet bitterness of 55% Valrhona chocolate until I was able to strike the perfect balance.

Chocolate and scotch should be enjoyed only one way – whichever way you like it. This truffle pairs perfectly with a glass of scotch but can also be enjoyed on its own. So whichever way you choose to enjoy it, Sláinte!

Thoughtfully yours,

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