For All the Mothers

Posted on 26 April 2016

In my family, Mother’s Day has long been about more than just “mom.” My own mother passed away when I was young, so the day can be bittersweet at times. But my life has been filled with so many incredible women that the holiday quickly became an opportunity to celebrate them! Each Mother’s Day, I would go to brunch with my grandma, my aunts, and my sister, and we would exchange cards and share chocolates. It was a time to appreciate one another.

These family members, along with my close circle of female friends, modeled for me what it meant to “mother” — to nurture and raise up — others. They are the ones who supported my education, counseled me on work and relationships, and helped me plan for my wedding day. For both the critical milestones and the mundane routines, I knew I had the unconditional love and support of these kind, accomplished, and very quirky women. That is mothering.

As I’ve gotten older, the distance between me and these women has only increased. I see them less often and we have less time to talk on the phone. But that is precisely why holidays like Mother’s Day are important. It gives me an excuse to make time in my busy schedule and remind others how much they mean to me.

This Mother’s Day, I hope you also are able to carve out some time, send a thoughtful gift, and celebrate the many mothers in your own life.

Thoughtfully yours,


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