Working Women – Diana Malouf from Ococoa

Posted on 19 February 2016

Mila at Jest Cafe reached out to Diana to find out what makes her tick. She also took some photos of Diana hard at work. We love the pictures (nice job Mila!).

Here's a link to the blog post.

 Jest Cafe photo of Ococoa's Dark chocolate pistoles.

All good chocolate confections begin with couverture chocolate. 


Jest Cafe Photo of our tempering machine melting and seeding dark chocolate.

Chocolate needs to be tempered; that creates the "snap" you hear when you bite into chocolate. 


Jest Cafe photo of polycarbonate molds filled with tempered dark chocolate.

Filling polycarbonate molds with tempered chocolate. 


Jest Cafe photo of releasing extra tempered chocolate from polycarbonate molds.

Releasing extra chocolate from the polycarbonate molds.


Jest Cafe photo of tempered chocolate setting in polycarbonate molds.

The chocolate needs to be set in the mold before filling. 


Jest Cafe photo filling chocolate cups with Classic Peanut Butter filling

Filling the chocolate molds with our Classic Peanut Butter filling. Once set, these are sealed and topped with salt (then eaten). 


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