Salt & Straw Ice Cream + Ococoa

Posted on 01 February 2016

Remember how excited you were when that cute kid talked to you at recess? That’s how we felt when Salt & Straw Ice Creamery asked Ococoa if they could design an ice cream flavor inspired by our chocolates!

Salt & Straw is a Portland-based ice creamery that quickly became a foodie favorite with their rich and adventurous flavors. And throughout February, you can find Ococoa’s Fig & Sesame Butter Cup on the chalkboard of chocolatier-inspired flavors at the two Los Angeles locations. It is definitely crush-worthy!

Here is how Salt & Straw described our flavor on their website:

“Chocolate Butter Cups handmade on a hidden street corner in the middle West LA. Layering nuanced flavors with velvety textures is the specialty for Diana, owner of Ococoa, as she makes every individual beautifully oozing perfectly imperfectly molded Fig & Sesame Butter Cup. These chocolates happen to be some of the most difficult to find in the city, we feel that we’re getting our hands on something really special and might even be able to amplify it in frozen form. Eating this ice cream should be a delightfully dense & simple chocolate sesame gelato-like ice cream with ribbons of a fig jam that is perfectly gushing with fruity flavor.”


Salt & Straw Ococoa Sesame Fig Chocolate Ice Cream Samples for Taste-Testing

The best part of the collaboration? The taste-testing of course!



Salt & Straw Ococoa Sesame Fig Chocolate Ice Cream as featured on their website.

Ococoa featured on the Salt & Straw website

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