Administrative Professionals' Day

Posted on 11 April 2016

Administrative Professionals are often the unsung heroes of the office. They are experts in everything, able to do the impossible with no time to spare, and remain receptive to ever-changing demands. They are the necessary backbone of successful businesses of all sizes.

Just out of college, I was an administrative professional in the marketing department at the Disney studios. On Administrative Professionals’ Day, Disney actually held an annual event on the studio campus during which managers and directors served food and drinks to their assistants!

This year, take a careful look around at your colleagues and ask yourself how you would like to show your appreciation.

Sending a box of chocolates is the ideal gift. Chocolate crosses all demographic boundaries like age, race and gender. Everyone loves chocolate. And what better way to send a clear message that says, “I appreciate you and all your hard work throughout the years. A gift to you, please enjoy these delicious chocolates.”

Thoughtfully yours,

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