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Ococoa Chocolates
Ococoa Chocolates
As a young girl, I simply loved baking. I avidly watched cooking shows on public television, took a variety of cooking classes, and read cookbooks like they were novels.

My college roommate also enjoyed cooking and she inspired me to experiment in the kitchen, where I eventually began dabbling in chocolate confections. While falling in love with the creative and technical process, I mainly fell in love with the reactions from people enjoying my creations. Drawing on my Lebanese background, I began experimenting with authentic Middle-Eastern flavors such as pistachio butter and dates with rosewater, hand-made marzipan, and sesame butter.

Ococoa was created as a way to showcase a few of the best qualities of my Middle Eastern heritage, which I deeply respect. From our rich culture of traditions, hospitality, food, and friendship, you are warmly invited to share in my passion and enjoy our fine confections.

Diana Malouf
Owner and Chocolatier, Ococoa

Ococoa: Diana Malouf